Corner cutting machine is an important part of the refrigerator door seal extrusion production line

The refrigerator door seal strip is composed of a sealing rubber strip and a soft magnetic strip .the soft magnetic strip is inserted into the sealing rubber strip that has been cut to form a refrigerator door seal strip semi-finished product .the refrigerator door seal strip semi finished product is made of a refrigerator door seal strip after a specific cutting angle melting and welding .the current refrigerator door seal production process,generally use up and down cutting machine,horizontal cutting machine to cut the angle,the principle is to install the circular blade on the motor spindle or special connection spindle ,through the belt and the motor output shaft to connect,cylinder drive the rotating blade horizontal or up and down direction forward and backward to complete the cutting  action .

refrigerator door gasket extrusion production line ,45 degree corner cutting machiner ,horizontal cutting machine ,up and down cutting machine

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