Why now in the production line of refrigerator door seals, More and more customers will choose Mechnical Arm ?

Mechanical arm

In the production of door seals, the traditional manual production efficiency is low, the Automatic Reclaimer  is introduced into the specific time-consuming and labor-intensive production link, and the non-standard equipment is automatically completed, which will greatly improve the production efficiency.


1. Save labor cost

The Mechanical arm can automatically and  smoothly transport the finished cutting door seal  to the designated position, without the worker take the product manually.So you can save a worker salary cost

2.  work for a long time

Workers will inevitably get tired after working for a long time, but the Mechanical armcan achieve non-stop operation, even on night shifts.

3. Quality assurance

It can avoid bad products caused by dirty hands, and the Mechanical arm has no fingerprint adsorption and uniform force, which more effectively guarantees product quality.

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