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Photovoltaic Equipment


Photovoltaic monocrystal half-chip production line

It is the first cutting production line for half-chips, where, multiple processes have been adopted to achieve large-scale production of half-chips, including squaring, middle splitting, half-rod grinding, and half-chip cutting; it is the leading half-chips cutting technology in the industry.

Squarer Machine


Double-station loop-wire squaring technology

It is the first double-brick vertical loop-wire squaring equipment, where, the non-destructive structure for wings collection is for the first time developed and applied, and the processing of half-brick as well as the rectangular brick can be compatible.

Grinding and Polishing Machine


Composite grinding spindle technology

For the first time the coarse & fine grinding at same station is developed, which can reduce the fine grinding allowance, improve the machining accuracy and efficiency, and increase the service life of grinding wheel.

Slicing Machine


Adjustable wheelbase technology

Solve the compatibility problem in cutting mainstream silicon wafers of different sizes in the market; Minimize the distance between silicon rod and cutting point of diamond wire on main roller, and improve the cutting efficiency and wafer quality; It is suitable for half-piece cutting with ultra-small wheelbase, and provides technical support for the rapid development of new batteries.

Diamond Wire


12-wire production equipment for electroplated diamond wires

Gaoce is the first company to develop 12-wire diamond wire production equipment.

Diamond Wire


Sandblasting technology for electroplated diamond wires

Fast sandblasting on core steel wire, good sand fixing performance.

Diamond Wire


Iteration technology for thinning of electroplated diamond wires

34μm electroplated diamond wires have been supplied in bulk, the electroplated diamond wire of less than 28μm is in R&D process continuously, and the thinning iteration technology is in the front of the industry.

Semiconductor Slicing Machine


Ultra-precision processing technology for the third-generation semiconductor monocrystal silicon carbide and large size monocrystal silicon

Semiconductor slicing machine: accelerate the substitution of domestic slicing equipment, continue the fine wire cutting, reduce cost, improve efficiency, decrease pollution, improve environmental protection, and guide the technological revolution in the industry.

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